December 1, 2020

Video of the Year – 2017

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All entries are listed in alphabetical order.

Brandon Ricks
A cobra being all cobra

Travel with Dan Mulleary to explore Waigeo Island of West Papua, Indonesia

Garred Martin
Successful pairing of Idiothele mira

Jimmy Dawson
Monitor at the breakfast table

Kenan Harkin
Kenan visits Bob Blome in Arizona to learn all about sulcata tortoises

Kim Bell Mross
Kim very carefully removes a black racer caught on a glue trap

Reigning Reptiles
A pacman frog with a lot to say

Reptile Collective
Witness a sand boa giving live birth

Timothy Swaan
The story of the Northeastern Reptile Welfare League and how they began their mission of rescuing reptiles and educating the public

Tony Doerrer
A snake species rarely seen…the elephant trunk snake


Video of the Year - 2017


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